A Simple Self-Serve Ad Server With Built-in Billing

Because selling ads doesn’t need to be complicated.

Keep it Simple

AVS Express helps streamline the process from lead to placed ad – simplifying what is on most platforms a very complicated process.


Create Ad Zones

Get up and running in minutes by generating a simple ad code to embed on your site. You choose the dimensions, we’ll do the rest.

Bill Clients

Combine billing and selling ads in one fluid process. No more sending invoices or remembering when a campaign needs renewal.

Add Media

Give your advertisers their own portal to manage their account – or quickly log in and manage it for them.

Billing, Simplified

AVS Express was built as a self-serve ad platform that combines create ad campaigns and billing the client for them into one fluid process. 

Define your price per day, per impression, or per click and let that platform do the calculations for you, seamlessly creating new campaigns and running them until they expire.


Ad Zones. Clients. Ads. Just a Few Clicks Away

We keep things really simple. From creating ad zones for your site, to adding new clients and keeping an eye on their campaigns. Add new media or charge your clients in a simple and intuitive way, like running an ad-powered content business should be.


The Power of Local Ad Sales.

We believe in the power and value of selling local ads, not just adding embed codes from 3rd party marketplaces like Google Adsense. With AVS Express, we simplify the billing and ad placements so you can focus on what you do best: creating content and making sales.

"AVS Express was exactly what I was looking for. I researched every other platform on the market and none of them gave me the simplicity to quickly create campaigns combined with the power of billing clients."

– Todd Gross, Mid Hudson News

30 Day Free Trial

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