How it Works

Monetizing your website and selling ads is now a quick and simple process.
These are the steps to get started with your first campaign.

Define Your Ad Zones

The first step to adding ads on your site is deciding where you want to place them. Don’t forget mobile devices, most of your site visitors are probably viewing your content on their phone.

Once you’ve picked a spot, you’ll want to define what dimensions you want the ad to be. The final step is deciding how much to charge for your ads. The more prominent an ad, the more you can typically charge for it!

Optionally, our AVS Express dashboard even allows you to bill your clients for their ads as a seamless part of creating a new campaign.

Create a Campaign

Once you’ve added the ad code to your site, you can begin running ads. Each ad is linked to a campaign, which then gets assigned to a specific ad zone.

Our AVS Express dashboard allows you to create a new client profile and campaign for your advertiser in minutes, and you can even bill the client for their campaign as part of the setup process. Adding the creatives to the campaign is also a breeze.

 Advertserve Pro allows you to fine tune your campaign settings, adding advanced targeting, multiple zones, and other customized parameters to each campaign so that it runs exactly when and where you need it to. 

Track Results

As soon as your ads start running, you’ll be able to see multiple statistics about their performance. Advertserve’s advanced technology prevents fake analytics from being registered on your campaigns, and provides you with data about your campaign’s impressions, viewable impressions, clicks and more. 

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